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The reason for My name is fair play - Help Stop The Fear
The reason for My name is fair play - Help Stop The Fear

Paulo Almeida was born in Terceira island in the Azores, Portugal on September 13, 1972. Life tought him to deal with pain, very early, beeing rejected at nine months by his birth parents and family members ended up adopted by Miguel Silveira, Leonor F. Ramos and Filomena L. Ramos, they raised him, educated him and prepared him for life. A man scared by rejection, but with sensibility and in favor of just causes. At four years old belonged to a musical choir, at 7 years old started soccer school of Lusitania, at 16 starts playing with his first soccer team. At 17 end of a dream, after 9 bone fractures and two surgeries the dream of becoming a soccer player started to fade. At 22 and already father of two children he leaves soccer, trains to be a soccer coach and massage therapist, continues to be connected to sports and after observing the increase of violence, the idea to create something to alert and fight for a cause that was creating strong conflicts. On June 19, 2005 I created "My name is fair play" Movement of Incentive to sportsmanship, no Violence - no Racism, Stop Insult.
Fundador apela ao Presidente Prof. Marcelo Rebelo Sousa
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